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SpyGearLiveHumanTrials Spy gear is right here, right now in your every day life there is no getting away from it, shocking as it may seem but you are being spied upon every day of your life, 24 hours a day, no kidding, lets just take a look at the UK as an example. The UK has an estimated total of four point five million CCTV cameras, about 1 to every 14 people according to the BBC, (British Broadcasting Corporation), there are  cameras everywhere, they are on our phones, they are on our streets, driven around in cars, in car parks, in offices, in shops, everywhere you go,  in some cases they are even in the toilets.

Nearly everyone has mobile phones that they use daily, these usually have built in cameras, video cameras, audio recording facilities as well as having sophisticated tracking devices built in that can be tracked to within inches, enabled through GPS.

Many people use mobile phones unintentionally to spy on each other daily and in many cases they also send this information to each other via communication networks but guess what, all this information is being recorded but not just by you that’s for sure. The good old mobile phone is the star of the show because nearly all of us have one that we take everywhere we go, even to bed at night just in case of that important message or call.

The mobile phone that is registered to you and verified through your payment is also a convenient electronic ID tag, you are being spied on, tracked and tagged all day in plain sight every day, but do you even realise how intrusive this data gathering is because we can’t see the future yet.

“The internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn’t understand, the largest experiment in anarchy we’ve ever had”, Rik Ferguson, a cyber security expert.

Every time you go online doing what ever you do it is all being recorded by search engines and any body else who wants access to this information if you know how to get it and lots of us do. Most of this spying is perfectly legal and above board because it is in plain sight, we are informed of it and it is there for our own security we are told.

Be careful, be very careful because it is an invasion of privacy, yes your privacy is being invaded, eroded, degraded, down loaded, stored, searched, and exploited on a daily bases, you are being recorded, recoded, profiled and placed into categories along with everybody else, in one way or another.

Eric Schmidt, the chief executive of Google has suggested that the enormous quantity of detail we leave online may not be such a good thing after all and believes that some people will need to change their identity’s to erase what they have left online.

December 2009, the UK market research industry revenue alone reached an estimated total of £2.076bn, $ 3.372bn.

ESOMAR INDUSTRY REPORT 2009, Global market research turnover grows to US $32 billion in 2008.

Is this enough encouragement for spying as you can see it is a lucrative market without even considering moneys generated in the security’s industry or the online giant Gargoyle, spying on us is big business and all in plain sight.

The spying gets worse if you take this into consideration.

When you go to the doctors the receptionist keeps records of you and your behaviour, all organisations who deal with the public keep records on public behaviour, heath services, care services, governmental services. If you stick up for your self forcefully it will be recorded, if you complain it will be recorded, how this is recorded is down to the receptionist who has just been on the other end of this encounter, do you really think they are going to be making a report in your favour? This type of information is used to evaluate your behaviour and you are being profiled by many organisations or anyone who reads it but in the same token the receptionist isn’t recording all the hundreds of times you have been pleasant and polite instead of being frustrated or angry.

Every time you encounter large organisations on regular bases the staff working within them are cataloguing your behaviour especially if it doesn’t fit in with their personal expectations, it is being recorded and stored for future reference. So not only are you being spied upon but you are being profiled or rather we are profiling each other because we are employed to do this as part of our jobs and guess what we are feeding it all into computers, and databases. These are being searched or read on a daily bases, minute by minuet, second by second, nano by nano. Do you get it, do you understand that this is all true, real, here and now, so what is it all about, is it about security and if so who’s?

This is all enabled through the use of computers which in them selves are becoming faster and more able to translate this information automatically into usable and informative analysis for forecasting outcomes, learning about human behaviour, spy gear in live trials.

Yes we are now a real live laboratory experiment in live trials but don’t worry about it because it’s only normal human behaviour on a global scale. Don’t worry about it because it might make you ill doing so. Don’t worry about it because it’s a fruitless futile journey to attempt to control the future, to change something that doesn’t exist because we don’t know, ask Eric Schmidt or Rik Ferguson ,so lets find out, but isn’t that the real problem anyway the thirst for knowledge, the need to know?

Spyworld spy gear right here, right now.

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