I SpyGear.NET Official Launch

29th August 2010 Official Launch Date I Spy Gear.NET, so glad you made it.

I SpyGear.

What is spygear, might be just the right question to ask but don’t expect a nice clear black and white answer because you will be surprised by the facts.

A spy is a person employed with the task of spying, most often by a government, a business competitor or spouse to obtain secret information and intelligence about another.  A person who keeps secret surveillance on the actions and words of another or others, seeking to obtain confidential information from them is spying.

The act of spying is:

  • · To observe secretively.
  • · To act as a spy.
  • · To be on the lookout; keep watch.
  • To search for or examine something closely or vigilantly.
  • To catch sight of something suddenly but unexpectedly.
  • · To observe others secretively or furtively.

  • To scrutinize or study.
  • To investigate.
  • To look for something closely.

Notice that most of the above definitions the ones without a line struck through them are important aids to learning so a big element of spying enables learning to take place and is vehicle for educational practice it is the other covert aspects of spying that are perhaps less acceptable.

Anything that enables you to spy can be considered spy gear so as you should now realise spy gear could be anything and it is not a simple black and white answer.

Anything that can give you access to confidential or private information is spy gear.

Hidden cameras, video cameras and microphones are the most common devices used for spying, these are often made to look like other things, very small to easily hide and remote controlled so as to be more able to monitor many from a distance through the tiny radio transmitters incorporated into them.

These types of spygear devices can be bought for relatively small amounts of money and they are easily obtained online but many people don’t need them because they have them lying around the house, any camera with a zoom lens can be used to spy from a distance. Any sound recording device can be used too if you can hide it, mobile phones are useful.

It must be said that smart phones are very strong contenders for being top of the list, priority number one spygear equipment.

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