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What has a smart phone got to do with spying, it is relatively small, and it can easily record audio sound, video, photographs, text, besides this it can transmit this information to virtually anywhere on the globe plus it is registered to you so is an electronic ID as well as an excellent tracking device, GPS. Everything that is performed on your smart phone, recorded, transmitted or received can and is also accessed by your service providers, notice the word providers because there are often more than one, mobile phone companies often contract other services out to contractors who also record and monitor information.

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Many of them are linked together, all recording different types of information and data about you, your actions, transactions, interactions and whereabouts this can and is being recorded all the time. At the very least you are being processed and profiled as a consumer for targeting but it could be even worse if you think of it like this, you are actually paying these companies to do this to you. You are paying for somebody to spy on you; you are paying for them to make their service better and faster all the time at your expense under the guise of providing a better service but to who is the real question when you look at it like this. Think about it they make money but you only save yourself time or money from these services, if you’re very lucky they might assist you to make money or provide you with a useful life accessory but you don’t make money from using them, they do from you.

The estimated value of market research, MRS undertakes an annual survey of the UK market research industry; the latest survey has revealed that total industry revenue during the 12 months to December 2009, reached an estimated total of £2.076bn, $ 3.372bn in the UK alone, ESOMAR INDUSTRY REPORT 2009, Global market research turnover grows to US $32 billion in 2008, is this reason enough for spying?

All companies that rely heavily on computer technology are collecting statistical information as part of their business and should be analysing that information to improve their position in the market place, for example industries such as financial institutions.

Your bank will know you have a smart phone they will know how much you spend on it so will the service that provides the financial transaction such as Visa and perhaps your local store or supermarket. Your phone company will know who you bank with and be able to identify you through these transactions as a person with a valid identity as you need this to open a bank account in the first place they will be analysing this information about you.

The smart phone can track other mobile phones positioning through GPS tracking so if you want to know where someone is you can track their mobile phone to find out where they are if they haven’t placed their phone in a microwave oven.

If you place your phone in a microwave oven then it cannot transmit or receive microwaves which is what radio frequencies are also, so cannot be tracked through GPS because the devices cannot communicate with each other through the safety barrier they have to protect you from the micro waves produced by the oven, the microwave oven is useful counter spy product.

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