Personal I spy gear products that you might already own.

Staged motor accidents are reported as costing £1,500 to £2,000 million each year in the UK and $500 million annually in California alone.

It is reported that criminal gangs deliberately cause vehicles to crash in an attempt to make fraudulent insurance claims for damage and injuries, and is a growing problem around the world. There are security devices made to protect you from such crime, manufactures do not make security devices in the hope that there is a market for them, distributers don’t stock them for fun anymore than a potential fraudster will thank you for having one but you will thank yourself, induced collisions are real.You can protect yourself, your property and your wallet with an onboard vehicle spy camera these can be easily fitted to your car and will record your speed, positioning through GPS tracking plus they will also record the force of an impact in the event of unfortunately having a crash as well as the crash its self through video.

These cameras are good but expensive if you are thinking of buying one they sell for between $200 and $600 depending on the facilities offered by the different models please see an example below.


Spygear VoyagerGPScamera

Dual Camera System For Recording Outside & Inside The Car cost $369.95

Built-In GPS Tracker Logs Exact Location, Speed, And Direction

Voice Recording & Voice Prompts Tell You How To Operate Camera

4 Ultra Bright LEDs For Interior Car Illumination & Recording

Automatic G-Sensor With Multiple Impact Point Recording

SD Card Recording w/ Auto Loading Software For Any PC

1.3 Mega Pixel CMOS Camera Records Audio And Video

The question is if you already have the crash on video do you need the built-in GPS Tracker that logs exact location, speed and direction? I think this information is useful but not as important as the video film of the incident. These cameras are the equivalent of the camera below and both do not provide the quality of video provided by the cheaper Kodak cameras further down the page for a lot less money plus the Kodak cameras are multipurpose cameras so have more than one application.

The Kodak’s are not offered as security cameras but can be used for this purpose because they are so small and are easily mounted on your dash board plus just like the security cameras they will record up to 10 hours of video when powered through your cigarette lighter socket with a 32 gigabyte SD memory card.

First let me explain that the camera system below is the MiniDVR 2 it is a small hand held solid state digital recorder supplied with its very own 520tvl bullet camera using the Sony Exview CCD and new NexT chipset with a recording resolution of up to 720 x 576 @ 25/30fps. The 520tvl Bullet camera, is a high end exclusive CCTV camera, this is the same camera used on many security systems, the camera and recorder cost me £165/$256.29. As you might imagine the video quality is not the best when compared to the Kodak Zx1 – High Definition Pocket Video Camera or Kodak Play Sport 100 Zx3, HD point and shoot video camera but it will record a fairly decent video in low light conditions as you would expect from a security camera. It comes in two parts the Bullet Camera it’s self and the DV video recorder, it is small and can be adaptable but the video film quality is not great in fact with Youtube now taking video files up to 2 gig in size it is not really up to the mark unless in desperation.

Spygear MiniDVR_520tvl_bullet_camera_

Spygear MiniDVR 520tvl bullet camera.

The Kodak Zx1 – High Definition Pocket Video Camera was considerably less expensive at £45 – $69.97 but very good quality when compared with the MiniDVR 2 camera system and the Voyager Pro w/ GPS Tracking Logger camera. The Zx1 features four different recording modes. HD: Records 720p video in 16:9 format at 30fps HD60: Also records 720p video in 16:9 but at an improved 60fps VGA setting Records a 4:3, 640×480 video at 30fps for a web-friendly video and this is still better than the MiniDVR 2 camera system. It also Captures a 3 megapixel (interpolated) still image.


The Kodak Zx1 potential spygear.

For a £129 – $200.59 you can buy the Kodak Play Sport 100 Zx3 it is a HD point and shoot video camera that will capture high definition widescreen video at 60 frames per second more than twice the speed of typical cameras at 25fps this means you can capture greater clarity when filming moving subjects. On the lowest capture setting with a 32 gigabyte SD memory card I can record up to ten hours of video even on this setting the images are better than the CCTV MiniDVR 2 security camera or the Voyager Pro w/ GPS Tracking Logger camera above and will easily film a road accident from your dashboard behind your windshield.  This is an ideal security camera for the car because of it being small and compact a little bit bigger than an iPhone, easy to operate, easy to secure, easy to remove, view and store images with sound recording also, this works for me it is unobtrusive with the looks of a phone.  It can easily fit into your pocket to take anywhere you go and can be used for the other functions it was designed for as well. Finally at £45 $69.97 you cannot beat the Kodak Zx1 – High Definition Pocket Video Camera for protecting yourself against planned road collisions “induced” accidents perpetrated to scam you and your insurance providers out of money from false claims.


Potential spygear the Kodak Playsport 100 Zx3

And the Zx3 Play Sport is waterproof up to 3meters about 10foot both Kodak cameras will provide video security for you but even the most expensive is less than the cheapest security camera both will provide a very strong case in the event of a crash to protect you from would be predators as well as a good deterrent. Imagine having to go to court to prove you are telling the truth.

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