Spy Gear, Spy Video ATV 360.

Spy Gear, Spy Video  ATV 360 with sound.

Wild Planet, Spy Gear, All Terrain Vehicle with mounted spy video – this is Awesome!

The ATV 360 has Video & Listener to see and hear in Real-Time!

This is one present every child would wish to receive, what a toy, I bought one.

This is a small part of a growing range of role playing toys produced by award-winning toy manufacturer Wild Planet, children just love to pretend, they enjoy role play and there is an incredible selection of Spy Gear toys available to help them dive right into their imaginations.

These toys help them to become someone or something else, Wild Planet brings us the all entertaining and rugged Spy Video ATV, that is sure to keep aspiring spies captivated for hours with the ATV being made of sturdy plastic, a remote-control vehicle that lets your child “spy” via wireless video and audio feeds through a headset. A cool “360” button spins the ATV in a circle providing a 360-degree view of the vehicle’s surroundings.

Children ages six and older will enjoy playing with this clever toy.


Sturdy Plastic Streamlined Design.

Finished in durable plastic, the ATV is robust enough to with stand rough play, big enough for the task yet small enough to store away easily.

With only three main components.

• The ATV with tank tracks for climbing obstacles.

• Adjustable headset and ear bud combined.

• The familiar hand held remote control set up.

Simple and uncomplicated for such a sophisticated toy.

Positive headset adjustment for optimum viewing of the video feed.

Hours of spying fun.

The video camera mounted at the front transmits a video feed to the monitor inside the headset while a sound sensor on the top of the ATV sends audio through an ear bud. Children can drive the ATV around corners and under furniture, while simultaneously seeing and hearing back ground sound of where the vehicle goes. The big treaded tank track let it climb easily over obstacles – books, papers, laundry, short grass and mounds of earth.

I mounted a Sony Bullet HQ Camera (LS-HQ5) and a HD720 DVR Recorder on the front of it to record video for play back with so many unexplored opportunities to get to those hard to reach places so I am sure I will have to buy another one for the children.

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