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Some spy products are everyday products that are spying on you, not just for you the spy product business is big business a billion dollar business but do you really know or are you blinded by BS?


Smart phone spy product .

What has a smart phone got to do with spying, it is relatively small, and it can easily record audio sound, video, photographs, text, besides this it can transmit this information to virtually anywhere on the globe plus it is registered to you so is an electronic ID as well as an excellent tracking device, GPS. Everything that is performed … Continue reading


Personal I spy gear products that you might already own.

Staged motor accidents are reported as costing £1,500 to £2,000 million each year in the UK and $500 million annually in California alone. It is reported that criminal gangs deliberately cause vehicles to crash in an attempt to make fraudulent insurance claims for damage and injuries, and is a growing problem around the world. There are security devices made to … Continue reading